Single Seeds / Service #1

Our business caters to those who want one single seed or a multi selection of single seeds. Pick your one favourite strain. Chose how many you’d like to try.

Multiple Seed Packs / Service #2

Our most popular purchases are the 10 pack of seeds option. We’ll arrange any small amount you’d like of any strain available.

Wholesale Bulk Seeds / Service #3

You’re best deals happen with bulk deal sales. Bulk wholesale starts at 100 seeds and climbs to 10,000 units. Contact us to negotiate your best price.


More about our regular marijuana seeds products.

Our business of producing regular marijuana seeds has been established since 2003 through our original company BCseeds. It was realized we love organic, all natural medical and recreational cannabis.

All strains are bred, grown, tested before seeds are brought to market.

Orders are professionally shipped in crush proof packaging. Let us make you feel informed, catered and comfortable.

Next Steps…

Go ahead and request a quote, we may reduce prices even more. We’re here to assist your quest for the best cannabis.