Northern Lights Indica

Indica Profiles / Service #1

Everybody knows Indica regular marijuana seeds are popular among the medical crowd. Tends to be effect the body. Great for aiding sleep and reducing anxiety. Loaded with special terpenes, our test results let you anticipate practical uses.

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Haze Sativa

Sativa Profiles / Service #2

Sativa regular marijuana seeds are a popular item we have for sale or trade? Goes right cerebral in effect. Very uplifting and energetic. Sativa’s possess high THC and CBD values so site visitors have to have it.

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Hybrid Cannabis Profile

Hybrid Profiles / Service #3

Everybody knows Hybrid regular marijuana seeds provide selective attention to effect. High values of THC, even higher CBD values and terpene profiles create the largest selection of products.

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Our Main Message

Our business provides all natural, organic grown, non GMO, chemical free, regular marijuana seeds. We do this through selective hunting and breeding of well established strains. Since 2003 we have supplied over 50,000 seeds to private companies and growers. Today we grow, breed and test chemical profiles, passing on results before any purchase. Because of legalized recreational marijuana we can now get ready and supply the public.

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